The Isle of Skye

Skye from the mainland of Scotland.


Me at a coral beach in Dunvegan.


SO, my last bout of regular blog posts occurred around the time I went to the Isle of Skye. I went to Skye with my close friend to stay for just under a week, and I can safely say I am now in love with the little island. For someone who was born and raised in Scotland and has lived here for my whole life, it is almost criminal I had not already been to this beautiful place.


Skye is full of mysterious landscapes and geographical phenomena, and in its entirety it encapsulates the true meaning of the word awesome. There is something about staring up at the magnificent mountains and driving past  glistening lochs that make you realise how big the world is and how small we are in relation. I just found it absolutely beautiful.

I spent my time in Skye eating luxuriously, revelling in cold and windy weather (my favourite kind), driving by beautiful places and stopping in the middle of the road to let sheep pass me by.

Uig Bay


My trip to Skye came at a great time, as I was feeling very low and bogged down with a number of things and was in need of time to switch off. Skye was a breath of fresh air in that sense. I was able to ignore my phone and explore a new place and I felt truly happy the whole time I was there. I am desperate to get back to the beauty and peace of this little corner of Scotland.


Also, I really miss the food!


The Skye Pie Café.