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Shall we get reacquainted?

So I haven’t posted in about a year, and in that time a lot of things have happened that have changed who I am somewhat. So I thought it might be useful to post a little update/get to know me post.

GRADUATIONThe last time I posted was just before I embarked on my fourth and final year as an undergraduate student. I was so excited to get going and start my dissertation (I adore research and writing so I found this significantly less of a chore than I expected to). However, I did find the year quite rough. I was extremely nervous and stressy throughout a lot of it and spent so much time doubting myself and my abilities. I lost faith in my ability to write a good essay, understand simple concepts and I was worrying myself into oblivion.

Despite all that, I came out the other side as a graduate. More specifically, I graduated with a first class Bachelor of Arts with honours in Applied Social Sciences from Robert Gordon University. Not only that, but I am a month away from embarking on a Masters degree in Applied Psychology at the same university, with the hopes of one day becoming a fully fledged psychologist. Big stuff!

On top of graduating, I also became an aunty! My beautiful niece, Lyana, was born on the 14th of December 2017 and since then I have learnt a lot; namely that I am not as terrible with children as I once assumed, I am good at reading kids books (I do voices), and that getting pureed cauliflower into a baby’s mouth is a challenge very few succeed at.  I love being an aunty, especially to the most beautiful little girl imaginable.

Since graduating, I have had a lot of time to think and to devote time to the things I love, meaning I have started to write again. I have recently dipped my toe back into fiction, trying to write my own story as a passion project for myself. I can’t say I’m much good at it, however it gives me a way to exercise my imagination, as well as something to stick my teeth into. I’m loving it.

Lastly – and probably most importantly in regards to this blog – I have been reading way more books than I have done the last few years. This is due to many reasons (which I’m going to discuss in a blog post in the coming weeks), but I am finally reading at a pace somewhat similar to pre university Amy’s standards. Since finishing my undergrad in May I have been slowly building up my reading stamina and I am so proud of my progress and I am ultimately thrilled to be back to myself.

I hope this post wasn’t too boring/self indulgent, and that I may be able to get to know those of you who have read this. I am so excited to be back blogging!

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I’m trying again.

I think I’ve fallen into this pattern so many times. For years I have tried to successfully maintain a book blog, having moved from different websites and starting new blogs from scratch because I was (quite frankly) embarrassed about how frequently life would get on top of me and I would just stop publishing posts…only to later resurface apologising for my absence.

I’m kind of doing that again.

I absolutely adore talking about books, sharing what I’ve been reading and shouting about my passion for literature, which is why I started this blog in the first place. However, I think one of the major problems that I have continued to have – which ultimately have caused me to feel dispassionate about posting – is that when/if I have slower reading weeks or months I don’t know what to post about.  While reading is my primary hobby I am not an overly fast reader, and sometimes life gets in the way meaning I read little or not at all. This can be a problem when I am aiming to create bookish posts and can make me nervous to keep re-trying the whole blogging thing.

After having considered why I keep on dipping in and out of blogging, I have decided that maybe I need to have a somewhat relaxed approach to it as, after all, it is for my enjoyment. Therefore, I have decided that – while my posts will be primarily bookish – I will write about whatever may take my fancy when the time arises. That way, I can incorporate other passions that I have and other things that I may want to discuss (such as personal life events, lifestyle, current events, social commentary, music, movies etc.) in and around my book content, so that even if I have reading slumps or busy spells I will (hopefully) always want to write SOMETHING.

I hope that some of the followers that I accrued last year when I had my blogging mojo are still around, as I loved talking to you and engaging in discussion. If you are, I hope you can forgive me for being a bit of a blogging fail. I am going to try again, with the hopes that I can share what I love with like minded people and enjoy myself all the while.

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Teapigs: a brand review.

Hi everyone!

Posting something a little bit different today, this is a review of 12 different flavours of Teapigs tea.

For those of you who don’t know this about me: I BLOODY LOVE TEA. I am an avid tea drinker and I am obsessed with trying different kinds and finding different mugs and vessels to drink it from. Thus it came as no surprise when I was gifted a box of  Teapigs teabags from my best friend Hannah for my birthday.

This box contains 12 different kinds of tea, with 2 teabags per type. It is a pick n’ mix  sample box (costing £15.99 plus postage) where you can select 12 out of 31 different options.

Click here if you’re interested in getting one of these pick n’ mix boxes for more information!

Now I have slowly but surely worked my way through all 12 flavours, and I have some thoughts on each flavour. If you are a tea fanatic (like myself), then why not go and make yourself a cuppa and then come back and read this post? I am drinking one while writing!

I must say before reviewing these teas, that this is based solely on my taste in tea and on my preferences, therefore just because I really like a certain tea or really dislike another it does not mean you will feel the same! I am primarily assessing these teas on their descriptions, what they are meant to taste like and the strength of flavour. I hope you enjoy!

Tea Temples

The interesting thing about Teapigs teabags is that they are shaped differently and made differently than regular teabags. What makes Teapigs teabags special is that they are biodegradable, mesh sacs containing whole leaf tea, with space for the leaves to infuse in the water.  Personally, I prefer these sorts of teas as I feel they have more flavour and it is lovely being able to see the loose leaf tea and what is going in to making your perfect cuppa!

An example of a Teapigs temple bag (teabag is the Green Tea Detox).

1/  Everyday Brew

Description: This is Teapigs’ signature blend, comprised of Assam, Ceylon and Rwandan blends. It is essentially Teapigs’ version of an English Breakfast tea. It is available in packs of 15 or 50 tea temples, and as a loose leaf tea. For more information click here!

Thoughts: This tea was destined to be my favourite, as I am a sucker for black tea. I adore strong, breakfast teas; my favourite black teas being Yorkshire Gold Twinings Breakfast Tea or Twining’s Assam. This is perfect with a splash of milk for the perfect, energetic cup of tea. I would recommend this to anybody who enjoys a quintessentially British cup of tea, and prefers black teas to anything fancier, fruity or herbal.

2/ Bolly Good

Description: This is a chai blend which consists of Assam tea (which I love!) blended with cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and vanilla. It is available in packs of 15 or 50 tea temples, and as a loose leaf tea. For more information click here!

Thoughts: This is a spicy blend and I actually quite enjoyed it! I didn’t leave the teabag in for too long as I prefer spicy teas to be slightly weaker, but it is tasty and the flavour wasn’t too overpowering. I’d recommend this for a winter night, or for people who want to drink tea but want something a bit more exciting than plain black tea. Add a bit of milk like I did and it’s a lovely drink that’ll warm you up from the inside.

3/ Melt Away

Description:This is a chocolate tea! Intrigue! It is a blend of black tea, cocoa beans and chocolate flakes. This is available in packs of 15 tea temples. For more information click here! 

Thoughts: This is not a very chocolate-y tea as suggested on the website, however I really like this blend! It tastes like a regular black tea, yet with a slightly sweet aftertaste. This aftertaste is not specifically chocolate, but it  definitely makes it easier to drink a black tea without milk or sugar. I’d recommend this to anybody who wants a bin of sweetness in their tea, but wants something subtle. I poured milk in after a few sips and I found I enjoyed that even more!

4/ Popcorn Tea: Fab Japanese Treat

Description: Toasted rice and green tea are blended together to create a traditional and nutty tea, known as Genmaicha. It is available in packs of 15 tea temples and as a loose leaf tea. For more information click here!

Thoughts: I am surprised at just how much I enjoyed this flavour! I normally do not like green tea blends, however the rice creates this aromatic, nutty flavour that reminds me of Sugar Puff cereal and which merges with the earthy taste of green tea. I found this one a surprisingly tasty -yet odd- flavour, and I’d recommend it to anybody who likes nutty and smokey flavours.

5/ Bursting with Berries: Super Fruit Tea

Description: This is a berry blend, which is full of anti-oxidant berries; namely cranberries and blueberries. It is available in packs of 15 or 50 tea temples, and as a loose leaf tea. For more information click here!

Thoughts: I like the taste of this tea, however it is not overly strong or sweet. I am not a massive fan of fruit tea, as I find that it makes me even more thirsty opposed to quenching my thirst. This, while tasty, left my mouth with a dry feeling after drinking it, which I’m not a fan of. I’d recommend this for anybody who loves fruit teas or berry flavours, but it just isn’t for me!

6/ Tea with Trimmings: Spiced Winter Red Tea

Description: This wintry blend is reminiscent of Christmas, comprised of redbush tea and a combination of orange peel and winter spieces such as cinnamon and cloves. It is available in packs of 15 tea temples. For more information click here!

Thoughts: This is like chai 2.0. It is incredibly spicy and the flavours are very strong and create an extremely aromatic and cosy cup of tea. However, I am not a fan of strong spice flavours, and while the chai is a bit more muted, this one is a bit too spicy for me. I would recommend this for winter nights for anyone who loves mulled wine or hot apple cider! It has all those qualities in a tea form, however is a bit stronger. It is nice to sip, however I could not drink a full cup.

7/ Lazy Days: Lemon and Ginger  Tea

Description: This is a commonly paired combination of lemon and ginger, containing liquorice, which is reminiscent of British summer days. It is available in packs of 15 and 50 tea temples, and as a loose leaf tea. For more information click here!

Thoughts:  This is not my favourite of the collection, however it is quite tasty. I am not much of a fan of ginger flavours in tea, however I felt this tea struck a good balance between lemon and ginger flavours, meaning the ginger was not too overpowering. I have heard that lemon and ginger tea is good for sore throats and for soothing purposes, and I’d recommend it is you like fruit teas, as well as spicy teas, as it is almost a combination of both.

8/ First Class: Darjeeling Tea

Description: Darjeeling tea originates from West Bengal, India and is commonly served without milk.  It is available in packs of 15 tea temples, and as a loose leaf tea. For more information click here!

Thoughts: I can’t put my finger on this one, but I didn’t like it very much. It had an odd aftertaste which I didn’t really like, and it didn’t leave much of an impression on me. However, I think that may just be me and my tastebuds, it just wasn’t my cup of tea (get it?), but it may be someone else’s.

9/ Grey with Attitude: Earl Grey Strong

Description: This is a combination of Assam and Rwandan blends, with Ceylon and Darjeeling and the necessary zest of bergamot which categorises this tea as Early Grey. It is available in packs of 15 and 50 tea temples, and as a loose leaf tea. For more information click here!

Thoughts: I love this! I don’t drink Earl Grey very often, however I actually really enjoy the fragrant flavour. This is quite a strong taste, however Earl Grey is not a tea that you drink for muted flavour. I really like this and it made me feel like a posh lady while drinking it!

10/  Snooze: Sleepy Tea

Description: This is a soothing blend of apple, lavender and chamomile; which is marketed to aid in a good night of sleep. It is available in packs of 15 tea temples. For more information click here!

Thoughts: I was extremely excited to try this tea as I often take a really long time to fall asleep, as my thoughts are most intense right before I go to sleep. I drink a lot of caffeine too and so I was excited to see how this tea would succeed as a replacement for a cup of Yorkshire Gold before bed. I was not disappointed!

The taste is definitely not for everybody, as the lavender aftertaste is definitely quite different. However, I loved it! I realised that the act of having a hot drink before bed is just as comforting regardless of the blend, and I actually felt a lot better for having a tea without caffeine before my bed, and I felt I was in a cosy and comforted frame of mind before falling asleep. I would recommend this if you are a fan of chamomile already, however if you are not keen on floral scents or flavours I would suggest opting for something different. While it says there are hints of apple, I did not pick up any apple flavours, but this could possibly be due to the strength of the lavender. I definitely want to purchase more of this!

11/  Clean n Green: Detox Tea

Description: This is a combination of green tea, lemongrass, ginger, coconut and dandelion leaves. It is means to be a refreshing, detox tea that can be served iced or hot. It is available in packs of 15 tea temples. For more information click here!

Thoughts: I actually enjoyed this more than I usually enjoy green tea (I really don’t like plain green tea). This is a great alternative for those who don’t like the taste of green tea but want the health benefits. It is sweeter, however lemongrass and ginger are somewhat overpowering. I was looking forward to the taste of coconut, however it did not come through. That being said, this is definitely more drinkable than plain green tea, and it feels very fresh.

12/ Up Beet : Energy Tea

Description: This tea is a blend of beets, spices and hibiscus and is meant to give you energy when you drink. It is available in packs of 15 tea temples. For more information click here!

Thoughts: I was extremely nervous about this tea, as it is primarily beetroot, which I don’t really like eating. I enjoyed this tea, however it is not a favourite. It has quite an earthy taste, which I normally don’t enjoy (spoiler alert: I don’t like green tea that much!), but I found this easier to drink. I would recommend this to people who like green tea, as it is not a very sweet tea and is definitely quite a strong flavour. As for the energy benefits, I can’t say that it gave me any more energy, however I find drinking tea of any sort to be a somewhat rejuvenating act.


tea gif

I hope you guys enjoyed this extremely in depth tea review of Teapigs teabags. I hope I have inspired you to try a new flavour, or to stock up on a trusty favourite. I love Teapigs and despite not loving every single flavour or type of tea, I applaud Teapigs for making such high quality teas in such an array of blends, there is truly something for everybody.

My favourites of the collection were:

Everyday Brew

Popcorn Tea

Snooze : Sleepy Tea

Check out Teapigs to have a browse, to shop by mood or even by blend of tea. I hope your next cuppa is as good as you deserve!