Stress upon stress.

Hi guys!

I haven’t posted in over a month now, which I absolutely hate. This is due to a combination of factors. I have had a lot of university deadlines, I’ve been quite busy with non academic, university related things, I’ve been working entire weekends for the past couple of months (which used to be blogging time) and I haven’t been reading much.

I have felt really stressed and demotivated towards the end of this year; which I think is in part due to tiredness, my generally anxious nature and some issues with my personal life. As well as that, I really do think 2016 should get in the bin. While personally I have had a pretty good year for a lot of reasons, the general state of the world is enough to depress anyone. It is hard to watch the news and read the papers and continue to stay a motivated human, don’t you think?

I am unbelievably sorry that I haven’t been able to blog recently, and while I don’t particularly feel any better than I have been recently, I have missed it so much that I would love to get going again.

I have got a couple of books to review, and a few bookish posts I fancy writing, but they may have to wait until after my coursework deadlines next week. I also have a lot of non book related posts I want to write and I’m hoping you guys will enjoy them.

Pip pip!


Author: amytalksbooks

Muddling through life with a book in my hand.

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