Why my book reviews are positive.

I had a thought the other day while browsing through my blog. I considered all of the reviews I have written thus far; all of which I’m pretty proud of. I did notice however, that the majority of my books reviews are overwhelmingly positive. I was concerned that this may make me a less credible book blogger, as it may seem that I am not critical enough to every have anything insightful and possibly on the negative side to say about books. But after consideration, I figured out what it actually means…

I don’t read books I don’t like.

I read recreationally. It is something I have adored doing since I was young, and something I spent my time doing as soon as I knew how. Now, as I am older and my spare time is more valuable, I have no time to read a book I am not enjoying. I don’t waste my time on books that I am not connecting with, because every book I don’t enjoy and subsequently force myself through is time I could have spent finding my new favourite book.

Therefore when I finish a book and review it, and the review is as positive as mine often are, that just means that I really loved it. I will not endure a book that bores me or does not have some element which I enjoy.

I just wanted to let those thoughts in my head out to play. Let me know where you guys stand on the situation.

Pip pip!



Author: amytalksbooks

Muddling through life with a book in my hand.

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