Help! I don’t have time to read!

A common argument that I hear as to why people don’t read books, which is fair enough. Nobody needs to justify to me why they don’t read or why they do; but I do find myself using the excuse that I don’t have time to sit down and read my book, when I know in fact that I do.

I live a busy life (or at least to me it seems busy), I am a full time 3rd year undergrad student, I work part time, I volunteer, and if I want to entertain the notion of having a social life of any sort that doesn’t leave me much time in a week to do other things, such as reading.

HOWEVER…while I have failed at following my own advice recently, as the start of semester is always very chaotic, I normally have a couple of things that I try and do or remember in order to keep reading in my life and to create time for it.

1/ Always have a book at hand.

This may seem obvious, but it is a very crucial tip and one that you would be surprised at the difference it makes. If you consider the amount of time that you spend out and about, and then the proportion of that time that you don’t necessarily have anything else to do; for example your morning commute to work on the bus, waiting for a friend to meet you for coffee, lunch breaks, in the waiting room at the dentist, gaps between classes etc…. if you add up those precious moments, those minutes turn into hours and those hours turn into lots of reading time! Therefore, if you always have a book, ereader or phone in your handbag, pocket, the drawer of your desk at work, your car, your locker at school…you could get so much reading done in those random moments where you may just be sitting refreshing your twitter app on your phone!

2/ Designated times.

This is a newer one, which I’ve found quite useful recently, whereby I have certain times that I use as reading time. These times are usually hour long periods in the evening, where I abandon the phone and abandon everything else, and pick up my book and read. Having that goal in my mind of reading for at least an hour a day means I’m incorporating reading into my routine, and working everything else around it. That way, I work harder before or after said hour, or do everything else I’ve got to do, as I know I need to be done in order to have my hour reading. During said hour, I tend to turn my phone off or put it onto flight mode, I then read and do just that! Having a designated time can be very effective; whether it be that you always read before bed, with your coffee in the morning, at the gym or after your post university snooze (my life).

3/ If you don’t have time, you don’t have time.

There will always be times where you will be extremely busy, or things will be hectic enough to convince you that reading is not one of your top priorities and that it will have to wait. And sometimes this is true. For me, the past few weeks and the upcoming weeks will be extremely busy, and my reading will and will HAVE to pay the price, as unfortunate as that may be. What is important about that idea though, is that it is completely okay. Being forced out of business to take a break from reading doesn’t mean you love it any less. And…once you’ve done everything you need to do, or things calm down and you find you DO have time, you will reach for that book and feel all the more at home after said break.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! As you can guess from the topic, I have not felt I have had much time to read recently, and so I have been reading the same book for a couple of weeks. It will be a while before I can get a book review up, however I will still be posting as regularly as university and everything else will allow. I hope you all understand.

Also, I reached 60 followers this week, and I’m so happy and grateful for every single one.

Pip pip!



Author: amytalksbooks

Muddling through life with a book in my hand.

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