Hello ladies and gents. Today I thought I’d discuss audiobooks, something I have only really started to get into. I have a few pros and cons regarding audiobooks and lots of thoughts. Shall we crack on? Here are the four main reasons I am now a loyal listener of audiobooks!


I am the kind of person who would spend all day, everyday reading if I could. However, that type of lifestyle is sadly not widely accepted. Shame isn’t it? Audiobooks remove this problem however, as I can still ingest a story while getting on with my dreary responsibilities. I listen to audiobooks on the bus, while cleaning my room, while painting, while typing up lecture notes, when I’m too tired to focus on a physical book…the list goes on. With audiobooks I can still take in information, whether fictional or otherwise with minimal effort. I particularly like to turn on an audiobook and listen to a chapter while I’m walking places, or while I’m working on artwork. Nowadays, where I would often listen to music while doing certain tasks, I instead get a chapter of my book in!


I love how easy audiobooks are to access. As an iPhone owner, I use both the Audible app and the iTunes store, meaning I instantly have hundreds of thousands of glorious books at my disposal. I can download whatever I want to listen to and can do so on the go. What a magical thing these gadgets are!

I like Audible in particular as I can pay £7.99 a month (very little in the grand scheme of things) and I have access to hundreds of thousands of audiobooks. The £7.99 package entitles you to one audiobook a month. While this may seem a lot for only one audiobook, they can be quite expensive when bought individually (they can reach up to £20 or so), and so this package entitles you to any audiobook, regardless of their price. The £7.99 you pay is the equivalent of one Audible credit, which you can use whenever you please. And as I am both an owner of an Amazon Kindle and have the Audible app, when I am alternating between listening to the audiobook version of a book and reading the book itself, Audible and my Kindle sync up and pick up wherever I left off! This means that for example, as I am currently reading Dictator by Robert Harris, I have been switching from listening to it before bed to reading it when I have the time. It’s so easy!

Great for rereads:

I have found that my favourite books to listen to, are old favourites that I have already read. As I said previously, the first audiobook I listened to was To Kill a Mockingbird, and since then I have also listened to two of the Harry Potter books (narrated by the fantastic Stephen Fry) and a Maya Angelou autobiography. I think this is great way to experience your old favourites, and as I do not have unlimited time to read and reread my favourite books, I love sticking them on in the background while I’m doing other things.


Lastly, I am a relentless insomniac. This is greatly due to an overactive mind and so I often find it hard to shut down at night. I am often too tired to read, yet my mind is still too awake to sleep. Enter audiobooks! I find that if I stick on an audiobook, put on the sleep timer, lie down and shut my eyes then I often fall asleep quicker. It is the equivalent of being read a bedtime story when you’re a little kid, and it’s great! It distracts me from thinking about the things which normally bother me when I’m trying to sleep, it causes me to get comfy in bed and to turn off my lights as if I were away to sleep, and I find it particularly calming when I am feeling overly stressed or anxious. Some nights I may listen to a whole chapter, other nights I can listen to the equivalent of a few pages and then I’m out like a light. This was especially useful during exam time, as I was finding it very hard to fall asleep and this took my mind off of those stressors and channelled my energy into something else. Also, it means I can avoid looking at screens in the last hour or so before falling asleep, which is allegedly meant to give you a better night of sleep. Win win!


So there you have it! I am a newly discovered audiobook lover. However when all is said and done, there is still (in my eyes) nothing better than physically reading a book. As fantastic as audiobooks are, I look at them as two entirely different things, and I could never give up the act of reading a book for myself.

What do you guys think of audiobooks? Do you love them? Do you hate them? Do you view them as the same as reading? What apps or audiobooks would you recommend? I’d love to know.

Pip pip!


Author: amytalksbooks

Muddling through life with a book in my hand.

2 thoughts on “Audiobooks.”

  1. My mother has some issues with her vision and audiobooks are the only way she can “read” her books. But they are just not for me. I can’t stand being read to because I am such a fast reader. Plus, I find the different voices awkward sometimes.


    1. That’s fantastic that they can serve her so well. I understand what you mean though, as sometimes I am really not in the mood for being read to, whereas at other points it is very relaxing. Yes I agree, it can be less of a fun experience if the narrator is not to your taste!


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