Reading Habits

Hello all!

This is a slightly more self indulgent post about my reading habits, as I’m a very habitual reader and there are certain ways and times that I enjoy reading best. Let’s crack on, shall we?

First I should start off by saying that I take a book EVERYWHERE. Whether this be my kindle, a physical book, or using the kindle app on my phone. I always have a book on hand as you never know when you’re going to have a spare minute. I find I do a great deal of my reading between lectures at university, on fifteen minute breaks at work, during breaks in TV programmes etc. Having a book in my handbag at all times means that if the moment presents itself, I can crack out my book and get a few pages in. With that being said, there are 3 places in particular that I like to do the bulk of my reading.

1. The Bus:


I spend a great deal of time on the bus, as I have to travel right across the city every day for university, which can take any time between 40 minutes and an hour to do. I used to spend this time just scrolling through social media, draining my phone battery and staring out the window. One morning, bleary eyed on the bus at 7:45am (ew) I was raking in my bag for my headphones when I came across the book I had packed. I took the book out and decided to read for a little while. I spent my hour or so stuck in rush hour traffic engrossed in my book and actually found that the journey passed  far more quickly than usual and I was more awake by the time I reached uni. Thus I started reading most mornings on the way to uni and most afternoons coming home. Some mornings I really am too tired to read more than 10 pages, but some weeks I can finish books thick and fast. I love reading on the bus because every uni day without fail I spend almost two hours on the bus, and when I may not have time the rest of the week to read, this is guaranteed time to get some reading in. Plus, it provides distractions from the noise on the bus and general displeasure of being awake at such an ungodly time in the morning.

2. Coffee Shops:

I’ll admit it, I’m one of those people who loves to wander into a coffee shop with hours to kill, buy a coffee and some cake (you always need the cake), find a comfy seat, sit down, pull out my book and read for hours on end. Aberdeen is littered with coffee shops and cafés, and the general noise and hubbub of a coffee shop is quite soothing to me. I find that hours can go by and several cups of coffee can be consumed before I have gotten my fill. I often do this if I finish uni early or have the day off work.

3. My bed:

There’s nothing better than sinking into a freshly made, cosy bed full of cushions and littered with blankets…except doing so with a book at the end of a long and busy day. In an effort to unwind before bed -as I am a relentless insomniac who finds it hard to shut off- I like to set my alarms on my phone and then put it away, and instead read for a while. Some nights I read 5 pages and am out like a light, some nights I have to force myself to put the book down. There is something so happy and comfortable about reading in bed. I love it. And I feel that occupying my thoughts and sinking my teeth into a book distracts me from the thoughts that normally keep me awake, and the anxieties of every day life fade away, which is perfect just before bedtime!


SO, those are my favourite places to read, however there are also other factors which are important regarding my reading habits, these being…

The importance of tea:

I am a tea fanatic, and a cup of tea is vital in anything I do. Before bed? Better have a cuppa. Stressed out? Better have a cuppa. Good news? Let’s have a celebratory cuppa. Sitting down to read? That’s right, you guessed it…better have a cuppa. I love nothing more than settling down with a pot of tea to read. You need some refreshment if you’re going to be sitting for hours reading, right?

Length of time:

So, as much as it pains me to admit it…I am an unbearably slow reader. However, frustratingly this isn’t the case all the time. Depending on the book, I can guzzle it up in a one sitting, whereas others take me weeks to get through. I think in ways this may be more to do with the content of the book itself, for example how much I’m enjoying it, or if there is a lot of information to process, or if I’ve got a lot on my mind or not. But yes, I am generally speaking a very slow reader. Alas! However this does not stop me from reading and from finishing books left, right and centre. I love to read, more than anything else, and although the above silly little points set me up for the best reading experience possible, you could plonk me down anywhere at any time with a book and I will be happy.

I  hope you guys enjoyed this post. What are your reading habits? I’m always interested to hear.

Until next time.





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