Doric poetry III

Foos yer doos? Aye peckin? Ahts gid!

Hello guys!

I have another Doric poem for you today, from the compilation Fit Like, Yer Majesty? Here we go! Disclaimer: for the lines which don’t change when you use proper English, I have just left them.

Lang John Siller by Helen Harrower

I’m a muckle fearsome Pirate

I’m a very fearsome pirate

Wi a beard like a hair dug,

With a beard like a hairy dog,

A bunnet wi twa fite crossed beens

A hat with two crossed bones

An a gold ring in ma lug.

And a gold ring in my ear.


Ma verra name is jist eneuch

My very name is just enough

Tae gaur men shak wi fricht,

To make men shake with fright,

They hide their wives an bairnies

They hide their wives and children

Fin I hove intae sicht.

When I come into sight.


Bit ma pirate days are numbered,

But my pirate days are numbered,

As the jiner can confirm:

As the joiner can confirm:

He’s diagnosed ma widden leg

He’s diagnosed my wooden leg

Has Terminal Widworm!


As you can see, these poems are mostly comical, and they rely mostly on the Doric language for their appeal. They are just meant to be short, funny, anecdotal snippets of the dialect. I hope you guys are enjoying them as much as I do. 🙂



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