This weekend the forecast is…drizzly with lots of reading.

Hi there! 

It’s Friday, hurray! Actually, for me Friday is of little consequence, as I’m now on holiday for the summer. However with that being said, I am still working and doing artwork for people and doing the occasional piece of uni work, so I still am rewarding myself with the weekend to do as I choose. This weekend is going to consist of a lot of reading!

By the end of the weekend I hope to have finished Will you please be quiet, please? by Raymond Carver, and if I’m lucky and productive I’d like to also finish The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien. I’ve only got 130 pages of the former left to read, and the latter is so adventurous I don’t think I’ll be able to put it down anyway! 

I hope you all have a fantastic, book filled, happy weekend! 


Author: amytalksbooks

Muddling through life with a book in my hand.

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