Something a little different today. This is an art post!

SO… as I mentioned previously in the Liebster Award post, I am an artist. I am by no means a professional, but I have been artistic for as long as I can remember. I have attended an art class for almost 6 years, and have learnt everything I know about my skill from my amazing art teacher, Mandy. 6 years ago, I could draw…but nowhere near as well as I can now. Now, I sell paintings and do drawings on request for people, and I love it. I now attend my art class purely for the social aspect, as the people there are like a family to me.

What kind of art, Amy?

Well! I think most artists probably have their ‘thing’, whether this be a preferred artistic medium, or a preferred subject for their artwork. I have both. Pencil is my medium of choice, and portraits are my subject.

Why pencil, Amy?

I prefer pencil for a few reasons. Firstly, it can be erased… meaning if I make mistakes (as I often do) the drawing is not a lost cause. Secondly, it means I can give everything the detail and can focus on specific areas for as long as I like. Thirdly, if you’ve got paper and you’ve got a pencil, you can create. You don’t have to spend money on paint, all you need are two basic things and you can create something amazing. With that being said, I also enjoy painting…I just don’t do it often.

Why portraits, Amy?

I love portraits because I love the satisfaction of capturing a moment, and when a drawing starts to take the shape of a person and looks like them, I feel so satisfied. Also, I find drawing eyes to be my favourite part. Eyes are the most interesting part of a face, and the first thing I notice when I look at someone. They show emotion and are so interesting to look at. If you get the eyes wrong, the drawing will never look right.

Why do you like drawing, Amy?

Drawing is just another way I can be creative. I love it as a hobby, and I love working hard on something and getting such a satisfactory end result. I love drawing for others, and creating things that I can look back on and trace my progress.

Can we see some of your artwork, Amy?

Here’s a few of my favourite drawings/paintings. These were either completed in regular graphite pencil, coloured pencil or watercolour paint.


From top left to bottom right:

  • Gorilla on pastel paper with Prismacolor and Derwent coloured pencils
  • Jellyfish on black paper with Prismacolor pencils
  • Truck on bristol board paper with Windsor and Newton black ink pens
  • Child on bristol board paper with Prismacolor pencils
  • Maya Angelou on black paper with a white Prismacolor pencil
  • Alan Rickman on bristol board paper with graphite pencil
  • Elephant on watercolour paper with White Nights watercolour paints
  • Chimpanzee on pastel paper with Prismacolor pencils
  • Maya Angelou on bristol board paper with Prismacolor pencils


  •   My Nanny and Granda  on pastel paper in graphite
  • Breaking Bad On bristol board in graphite
  • Freddie Mercury on black velvet paper in WHSmith pencils
  • Bertrand Russell on bristol board  in graphite
  • My Aunt and Uncle on bristol board in graphite
  • Robin Wiliams on Bristol board in graphite
  • Lily on watercolour paper in White Nights watercolour with black pen
  • Cherry blossom on watercolour paper in White Nights watercolour
  • Horse on watercolour paper in White Nights watercolour

If you would like to see more, I have a Facebook page called Amy’s Art ( ) . I hope you guys enjoyed this slightly different post.

What are you guys creative hobbies? What is your favourite type of artwork? Would you like to maybe see the occasional update on my artwork and what I’m up to? Let me know. 🙂




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