Doric poetry II

Fit like iday, lads and lassies? (How are you today, boys and girls?)

Hello everyone 🙂

Some of you may remember my post about the books of Doric Poetry that I own, titled ‘Fit Like, Yer Majesty’, where I discussed Doric and how it played a part in my cultural upbringing as a Scot from the North East of Scotland. In that post I also wrote out one of the poems from this book in the original Doric, and purely for my own enjoyment, I translated it into proper English. Some people commented that they had enjoyed this post, and so I thought I might post the occasional poem every once in a while! Without further ado, here we go!

A Sailor Caad Danny by Jim Bremner

There eence wis a sailor caad Danny, 

There once was a sailor called Danny,

Fas skill at the helm wis uncanny;

Whose skill at the helm was uncanny;

Wi his captain in fear.

With his captain in fear.

He approached the Broch Pier,

So the mannie said, “Danny, ca canny!”

So the man said, “Danny, take it easy!”


It’s not that bad, see? That is quite an easy poem to translate, but some of the ones in this book I even struggle with! Comment and let me know if you enjoy these posts, as I am loving giving you guys a taste of my heritage! 🙂



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