Hello all 🙂

I have been planning and writing blog posts now that I have more free time. And I thought I’d give you guys a snippet of what I’ve been up to and what’s coming up! I’ve spent the past couple days with my notebook making lists and ideas for this  blog. 

*insert artsy photo of my blogging notebook, my snack of choice and a cup of coffee*


In the coming weeks….there will be:

  • A review of Imperium by Robert Harris
  • A summer TBR
  • Some more Doric poetry
  • The Liebster award tag
  • A post about my artwork (something a little different which I hope you guys will enjoy)
  • A review of Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig and a discussion of mental health
  • My favourite movies
  • Audibooks discussion
  • Kindle vs books discussion 
  • An author spotlight on Maya Angelou

How does all that sound? Is there anything else you guys would maybe like to see? Let me know! 


One thought on “Things!

  1. Wow that’s interesting. Good luck. By the way you might want to include a review of my first published book. I see you read a lot and maybe doing a book review is something you might want to try 🙂


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